Choitec pharmaceutical always adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, "respect for labor, respect for knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creativity", firmly establish the talent is the company's first resource, talent is the most valuable asset of the enterprise concept. In the construction of internationalization, innovative, big brand, harmonious Choitec under the guidance of the development strategy, to attract all kinds of high-end talent to join Choitec, in the construction and development of enterprises to display their talents, show their skills. In the process of Choitec's great development and great change, through the construction of domestic leading, world-class preparation, API new plant, innovative system mechanism, the implementation of large logistics, large foreign trade, large preparation marketing strategy, to set up a stage for the growth of the staff, make the best use of talent, make the best use of talent, so that the development and change to become an incubator for cultivating high-quality talent.


We incentivize talents with reasonable system, retain talents with sincere emotion, have a comprehensive allowance system and all-round development of promotion policy, provide competitive salary and benefits and double promotion channel for employees, and provide a broader space for the development of employees' career. Stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees to learn knowledge and study business, and reserve various types of excellent talents for the company's long-term development.


We adhere to the construction of a harmonious culture, and strive to build a unique platform to attract employees to participate in the construction of a wide range of ideas and play a role. On the basis of improving employees' income, caring for their lives, paying attention to their growth and caring for their health, we endeavor to achieve "development for the sake of employees, development relying on employees, and sharing the fruits of development with employees", and to continuously enhance employees' sense of belonging and happiness.


In the future, under the guidance of the development strategy of building internationalized, innovative, big brand and harmonious Choitec, Choitec is striving towards the goal of high-tech, high value-added and high-efficiency first-class brand-name enterprise!

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